Everything you need to know and more…

What happens if it *dun dun dun* rains?

Do. Not. Panic. I’ve shot plenty of weddings where it has rained all day and we’ve created some great alternative wedding photographs. If it rains, it rains. We’ll embrace it, get creative, and I mean, who doesn’t love a spot of dancing in the rain? Just whip on your wellies and I’ll get to work!

What happens if you get ill on the day?

If a broken hand didn’t stop me from fulfilling my duties, nothing will! Apart from being on my deathbed, of course (touch wood). If things really did get that bad I have a wide network of incredible photographers that can take my place, (we are a very supportive community and I have lots of great friends that will jump in). I’m also in various Facebook groups dedicated to this.

What happens if you drop your camera? *shudders*

I always bring two cameras to every wedding, they are strapped to me using a super badass strap – imagine Lara Croft but the weapons are my cameras! They are also very robust and will take a fair bit of bashing. In the event of the total failure of one, I always have the other and usually another spare body in my kit too. Each camera has two memory cards that are backing up the images twice throughout the day. I. Got. You.

Do you do group photos?

Group shots are engrained in the history of wedding photography. It’s from back in the day when weddings were shot on film and we didn’t have the luxury of taking thousands of pictures throughout the day. Of course, I’ll still get you some killer group shots, and don’t worry, I’m a dab hand at getting everyone in line… even Uncle Pete after a brandy!

When will we receive our photos?

Within 6 weeks from your wedding day.

We’re getting married abroad – can you travel?

I certainly can, in fact, I absolutely love to travel! Just make sure you factor in my accommodation and travel costs on top of your package price.

Can we meet before we book?

Absolutely. If you’re local, we can meet somewhere in the Winchester area for a coffee and cake. If you live further away, we can do a video call on Skype… we’ll just have to supply our own coffee and cake!

Can we see an example of a full wedding album?

I would love to send you some examples, just drop me an email and I’ll send you a link to a couple of full wedding galleries, so you can see the range of images and my style throughout a whole wedding day.  

Are you insured?

Of course, I’m SUPER insured! I have Public Liability Insurance up to £5 million and also Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Can we decide later if we want an album?

You can indeed, however, any quoted prices may change if you order later than 6 months after the wedding.

Do we get high-res images?

Yes, you get all of the edited images in a high-res format to download.

Can we have the RAW files?

No. The RAW files are MASSIVE (approximately 60GB) and totally unedited. They are an unfinished product – imagine ordering a cake from a bakery and instead of the beautifully crafted three-tiered delight you agreed on, they deliver the eggs, flour, sugar, and icing separately instead! I take great care to make sure each and every image is edited to my high standard and in line with my style and brand.

Do we have the copyright to the images?

I own the copyright to the images but you have a Print License which means you can print and share them to your heart’s content, you can make as many albums, wallpapers, mugs or curtains as if you like! What you don’t have is commercial use. So, for example, if your wedding venue contacted you asking to use the images on their website then you would need to direct them to me. This is the same for all suppliers and magazines/websites/blogs. In most cases I am very happy for the images to be used, however, I must speak to them directly so we’re all clear on the terms of use.

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