rainbow confetti

Word on the grapevine is you’re marrying that one person that makes your tummy flutter, your cheeks hurt and your heart happy… that’s awesome! Well done you for finding another human who will tolerate you forever! WOOHOO! You did good.

So you have found the one, now what about the wedding?

A massive party in a field? An elopement in rural Scotland? A Quaker wedding? A Buddhist ceremony? A village hall? A converted barn? A traditional church? Up a tree? I can guarantee I’ve shot them all. Okay, not up a tree… yet. Please get in touch if you’re marrying in a tree!

Whatever the wedding you choose, it is going to be amazing! You’re marrying your best human, you’ve planned your ideal wedding, and you’ll have incredible memories that will last forever.

that twinkle in your eye…

… those belly laughs during the speeches, a warm embrace, the look of pure pride on your loved ones faces… this is what I love.

Forced poses are not my cup of tea, I’d much rather merge into the celebrations, unobtrusively capturing the magic of the ordinary and the extraordinary… the big moments as they happen as well as all of the precious moments in between. The full story.

From colour-filled venues with home-made décor and first dances under the stars to jumping fully-clothed into a swimming pool (and married life), from intimate ceremonies to rocking parties… I’m all about documenting your personalities – whatever the setting. It’s what I do best.

Who am i?

I’m Holly, a documentary wedding photographer based in Hampshire, with a thing for relaxed fun-loving couples and their wonderful weddings! I’m all about wicked candid shots and making people feel at ease.

Speaking of feeling at ease, do you ever feel awkward in front of a camera? MY GOD, ME TOO! In fact, I don’t know many people that take it in their stride. But seriously, you’ve got enough to worry about – panicking about having pictures taken is so not worth it. I am super chilled and once the wedding is in full swing I know you will be too. But if you’re really worried, let’s organise an engagement shoot so you can get used to being with me and my camera. We’ll head out somewhere cool and have fun with it. Oh and I promise there will be no forced poses or cheesy stuff – I got you.

So are you ready to have a bloody good day?

It’s all happening. Despite your worries, you’ve done it. You have planned a wedding – a kick-ass one at that! Now it’s time for you to enjoy the day. You’re feeling EVERYTHING: excited, nervous, joyful, scared, happy… but so very in love.

Now, while you’re sharing the most magical moments of your lives with the most magical people in your lives, you know what I’ll be doing? Telling your story. It’s my favourite part of being a documentary wedding photographer. From that first sip of Champagne in the morning and your faces as you set eyes on each other, to your mates throwing shapes on the dance floor and Nanna trying a shot of tequila at the bar. It’s these photographs you’ll look back at in years to come and remember the joy; the people; the laughs and, ultimately, the most special moments of your day.