Hey I’m Holly

Holly Bobbins
how are you?

Before we take the next step, you should know… I’m a hoarder of the useful and not so useful; an avid skip junkie, bargain hunter and up-cycler. I’m a resourceful human who can help with dress doing-up, buttonhole malfunctions, popping to the shop to get your baby a dummy, or giving Auntie Jane a lift to the reception because Uncle Bob forgot her!

I’m an optimist. A dreamer. A storyteller. But – most importantly – a firm believer in love. And I bloody love a wedding. If you’re looking for a photo ninja who will get knee-deep into your wedding, capturing the little moments as well as the big ones, I’m your woman.

Although candid wedding photography is my passion, I don’t shy away from the formal photos. In fact, I absolutely love a big statement shot… the more dramatic, the better! And I will go to any length to get it. Trust me. I might take you away from your guests briefly, we’ll venture up a hill or into a field. I’ll get in the sea, climb a tree, or even try my luck with sinking sand if that’s what it takes. That killer shot will be mine (well, yours)

After I tied the knot in 2017 my whole perspective of weddings changed. I now know exactly how much work goes into the whole process of planning and implementing the day, and mate, I would be absolutely honoured to be coming along for the ride.

In short, I am completely invested in your day.

Holly x

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