Syrencot. Flower crowns and leather jackets



Sometimes we get to play !!! This shoot was one of those days.

I was lucky enough to work with the incredible team at Eden Blooms for this shoot at the STUNNING venue Syrencot, in Wiltshire.

Hazel’s vision was a winter floral explosion. The flowers were simply amazing. An epic flower crown, flower wall and the most stunning floral necklace.  Who knew this was even possible !!

We had ALL the weather and ALL the fun on this styled shoot. Bringing together some of the best suppliers around. ( all the details of these legends are listed at the bottom )

I’ll leave you with a little sneak at some of the shots we got from this shoot 🙂


Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-289

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-74

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-224

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-221

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-33

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-75

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-78

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-80

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-4

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-6

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-7

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-82

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-85

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-86

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-95

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-109

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-103

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-116

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-119

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-166

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-174

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-198

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-202

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-203

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-206

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-210

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-219

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-231

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-244

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-257

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-267

MAIN IMAGE_Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-308

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-268

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-307

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-308

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-312

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-314

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-287

Syrencot_wedding_Holly Bobbins_-11

If you’re getting married at Syrencot drop me a line. I’d love to shoot here again!

Photographer: Holly Bobbins @byhollybobbins

Florist and shoot organiser: Eden Blooms @edenblooms

Venue: Syrencot @syrencot
MUA: Olivia Mills @oliviamillsmua
Dresses: Sophie Rose Bridal @sophierosebridal
Leather Jacket: Bertie Valentine @bertievalentine


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