St Aldhelm’s Chapel wedding // Jess + Fraser


Love in a Mist.

Micro wedding on the Dorset Coast


Jess and Fraser’s wedding journey has been like many couples this year… rather bloody tricky! After moving their wedding day twice they decided to just make the most of the situation. The fact that they had to keep the numbers so small actually meant they got to marry somewhere incredibly special. They even had to apply to the Arch Bishop of Canterbury for an emergency marriage licence!

St Aldhelm’s Chapel is on the coastal path on the Isle of Purbeck. This wonderful 12th century stone chapel sits 354 feet above the sea and sits solid in the landscape, looking out over the sea as it has for the last 800 years.

800 YEARS!!

The mind boggles at what these walls must have bene witness too over the centuarys!

I parked in the nearest carpark and walked the coastal path with some pretty brutal ups and downs.

Now I know Jess had pictured their wedding in the glorious sunshine, and after weeks of some seriously scorching weather, everything changed on this day and the mist rolled in. But man, I’m so glad it did! Holy Mist Batman .. it just looked so beautiful and added a magical edge to everything.

Jess walked through the mist, down the country lane, and into this incredible candle lit chapel and it simply couldn’t have been more perfect. You couldn’t help but feel the history seeping in, how many people have stood on this ground and said ‘I Do’ over the last 800 years. It was truly incredibly special. The mist seemed to make you focus in, we were not distracted by, what on a clear day, would be a pretty spectacular view over the coast.

Afterwards we drove down to Kimmeridge Bay, where Jess used to go crab racing when she was a kid, had a paddle and then headed to Ashton Farm where they originally planned to have their wedding day.

So after all the changes we’ve had to endure this year this was a little piece of absolute magic.

If you’re planning a wedding and want to chat drop me a line here.


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