Olympic Gold medal Family Shoot


‘Tis the season for family photos in readiness for Christmas.

A few weeks ago I went to meet this lovely family on a crisp Autumn day up near Windsor castle. As we were chatting, I spotted a photo on the wall of Marlon and 3 other guys holding Olympic Gold medals.  Now my sports knowledge is poor, so I have to say I didn’t recognise him when we met, but I then realised I was spending the afternoon with 2004 Athens relay gold medalist Marlon Devonish and his gorgeous family! I am gutted that I didn’t ask to see the actual medal, but we were having too much fun with the kids.

They live near Windsor Castle so we headed out and had a gorgeous stroll along The Long Walk that runs for miles up to the castle.  It had been quite a stormy weekend, and all the leaves had come from the trees, so the leaf blower was out which was a little stronger than we expected !! We all nearly got blown away, but it made for some funny photos.

I spend a wonderful hour in the crisp autumn sunshine capturing this gorgeous family. Marlon was even outrun by his gorgeous little boy … a future gold medalist in the making?

If you would like a family shoot click here  and get in touch, Id love to hear from you.


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