Brick lane eco budget wedding


Becca and Kevin

Who wouldn’t want Stevie Wonder and Lionel Ritchie playing live at your wedding reception?

So Becca and Kevin definitely did their wedding their way … as we all should quite frankly.

Becca is a self-confessed Eco-Warrior, Mother to three gorgeous kids and also a blogger. She writes a wonderful blog covering all sorts from homeschooling her kids, mental health, eco-tips and tricks and lots of other bits too. Check it out here.

It was really important to them both not to get caught up in the usual ‘wedding machine’.  They had a small ceremony with their nearest and dearest at the gorgeous Islington Town Hall.  I absolutely love this building, with its glorious staircases and wonderful architecture. Becca wore a gorgeous dress she bought from E-bay for £150 and Kev and all the boys rocked a range of Hawaiian shirts. Beccas INCREDIBLE flowers and flower crown were created by Louise at The Botanical Shed. They were truly magnificent.

The ceremony was full of laughter and music and kids, when they need feeling, they need feeding! Sarah of Oh Sister Music played some beautiful music throughout and it really was a true representation of them and their family.

In true Eco-style, we then all piled into Tuk Tuks and headed to  Brick Lane. They got to play their favourite music, whilst zooming around the city of London, and all with no carbon emissions and no harm to the planet! Although slight harm to my nerves as our rider had a few brake issues .. ie: his brakes didn’t work… AT ALL! But we made it one piece to Blanchette for a delicious lunch and a chance to take some wicked photos around Brick Lane.

And here’s the best bit … for their wedding reception they didn’t do the usual thing .. they had bought tickets for everyone to go and see Stevie Wonder and Lionel Ritchie play at the Hyde Park summer festival!  I mean COME ON !! How many people can say Stevie Wonder played at their wedding reception!

Slightly gutted I didn’t get to go along to this bit, but I know they had a magical afternoon.

These two just go to show that you can TOTALLY do your wedding your way.



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