She said YES. A live proposal | Mottisfont Abbey | Hampshire

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She said YES.

A live proposal shoot at Mottisfont Abbey, Hampshire

I was lucky enough to be part of Toms elaborate live proposal plan to ask his beautiful girlfriend Lottie to be his wife.

It was all very covert.  Toms mum got in touch with me. I had met her at a wedding I was shooting some years ago. She explained Toms plan and I was hooked.  I have always wanted to shoot a live proposal and I was so excited to be part of it.

So I was also absolutely terrified as it was going to take some acting skills on my part….

Heres how it played out …….

Tom’s grandad worked in the gardens as a volunteer at Mottisfont Abbey, so we decided this would be a good place as Tom would have a reason to take Lottie there without her feeling suspicious.

I was armed with 2 chalk boards, and of course my camera.

The plan was for me to approach them and ask for their help in a photography project about happiness that I was doing.  I wanted them to write down three things that made them happy. Lottie would write hers while Tom would write ‘will you marry me?’ .. Simple …. Sounds it but the pressure was HIGH on me not to balls it up !!

We had arranged for them to arrive at 3 and I would find them.  I got there about 45 mins early so I could work out a good place for me to make the moment happen.

Having never met either of them before, and only knowing what they look like from a photo … I found a good spot for the photos, it was a super hot and very busy day with lots of people and kids everywhere. I sat, from a distance, watching the bridge at the the entrance like a hawk, terrified I was going to miss spotting them coming in. Honestly my heart was pounding and I kept going through what I was going to say in my head.  This was someones special moment, a story they could tell forever and I REALLY didn’t want to mess it up.

I eventually spotted them crossing the bridge … GAME ON …..

I watched them walk up the path and past me, I followed them for a bit, waiting for them to get near the spot I’d chosen, under one of the huge chestnut trees. Felt slightly like a stalker! I was wondering if Tom was feeling as nervous as I was.  I think he’d spotted me so knew the moment was upon him.

I went up and asked if they would be really kind and help me out with a photography project I was doing. Lottie was so sweet and very obliging … thankfully!

So I took them under the trees. Lottie wrote down the 3 things that make her happy. ‘Friends. Family and Tom’ .  She  then turned to Tom to see what he had written …. He asked and she said YES.

I even bought some chilled champagne with me for them to share, and a little for me to calm the nerves!

Lottie was so surprised and to top it all the ring fitted perfectly. Good work Tom.

It was such an honour to be part of this life long memory for these two lovely people.  Thank you for sharing this moment.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story.





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