Beach wedding on a budget


Carly and Jakes handmade wedding.

Money cant buy you love…..

Carly and Jake got married on a budget ~ but that doesn’t mean it cant be oh so beautiful.

This super chilled couple worked so hard to make their wedding gorgeous ~ friends grew flowers for their day, Carly got her dress from Oxfam, the bridesmaids dresses were all handmade by a talented friend. They made all the decorations for the reception ~ filled with glorious flowers for their afternoon tea. The seating plan was made from driftwood collected on the beaches they walked George their dog. They scoured charity shops and car boot sales for all their gorgeous vintage tea cups and saucers, which also doubled up as their wedding favours and all of us lucky guests got to take home our cup and saucers as a souvenir of their Handmade Beach Wedding day  ~

For them the important thing was being with family and friends and George their beloved dog.

There were so many lovely handmade touches in the day ~ Carly’s personalised Converse and hanger for her dress ~ the boys button holes were all handmade and they looked super cool in shorts, shirts and waistcoats and arrived at the church on their bikes.

Carly and the bridesmaid’s arrived in a gorgeous old Red VW split screen which only got through the MOT the previous day (Just!!)

It was such a wonderful day and made all the more special by the huge amount of work that everyone put in personally to it ~

Just goes to show ~ Money can’t buy you love , and love doesn’t need money … with good friends and vision and hard work, you can make a beautiful wedding and a beautiful life together.




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